Questions about payment on an order?

AXIS AMC is a Net 30 payer - checks for all reports completed each month will be printed and mailed out by the 5th business day of the following month. Once checks are mailed out, AXIS updates the Mercury Network system with payment confirmation for your records.

Payment confirmation in Mercury Network includes:

Accessing Payment Confirmation

Please follow the steps below to view the payment confirmation in Mercury Network.

  1. Log into your Mercury Account
  2. Locate the order in question
  3. Refer to the history log and review recent notices
  4. Your payment confirmation will appear as below:
Mercury Payment Confirmation Example

I have read all the content above, but I still have questions

Please acknowledge all of the following:

I acknowledge that I have researched the order in question in my Mercury Network account .

There was no payment confirmation message on the order in question.

The order completion date is before October 1, 2022 (orders completed during October 2022 will be paid in November 2022).

An updated W-9 is required when a vendor moves or changes companies. I have sent my current W-9 to

Payment Inquiry Form

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NOTE: The valid Mercury Tracking # must be provided for any order-specific payment inquiry to be investigated by AXIS.

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