Modern Valuation Group

Our suite of alternative valuation products work seamlessly to help you navigate your risk management and valuation needs. We utilize state of the art technology, best in class customer service, professional property data collectors, and local valuation experts to provide you the very best in modern valuations.

Compass AVM

Will guide your decision-making processes.

Compass AVM Reconciliation

  • Beacon Property Data Collection (PDC) Report is ordered
  • AVM is married to a Beacon PDC through a reconciliation process
  • This format allows your risk management team to sign off on the reconciliation, creating an Evaluation under the Interagency Appraisal & Evaluation Guidelines
  • If a product needs to be upgraded, the PDC can be utilized in a Desktop Appraisal

Latitude Desktop

  • Beacon Property Data Collection (PDC) Report is ordered (either Exterior or Interior)
  • PDC is married to a Desktop Valuation performed by a local appraiser
  • Quality Control remains at the heart of this process

We Customize for Your Valuation Needs

An array of valuation solutions is integral to your business. Our Modern Valuation Group provides several ancillary products including draw inspections, rental survey, REO disposition, and is customizable to other risk management and valuation needs.

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