Privacy Policy:

Axis is committed to protecting the privacy of clients and consumers. The information provided when an appraisal order is placed is used only to complete the appraisal order. Information deemed necessary to complete the assignment, including but not limited to the contact information for parties of the mortgage transaction, will be shared with the appraiser only and is not passed on to any other 3rd party. At no time is this information used for any other purpose. To prevent unauthorized access to this information, the vendor management platform is secured by industry standard encryption. We also employ proper physical and managerial processes to ensure the information is safeguarded.

Specific Data Collected:

When an order is placed, all users must log in with a username and password before submitting transactions or viewing completed orders. Alternatively, the lender or their authorized TPO partners may originate their order through LOS systems integration. In addition to AXIS policy, AXIS recommends that users review the privacy policy of AXIS' third party vendor for its corporate privacy policy. The following data is collected:

This allows AXIS to process and fulfill the order and to notify borrower(s) and lender designees of the order status. We do not collect additional private information such as social security, driver's license numbers, or income data.

Any questions or concerns about this privacy policy, or inquiries on customer data / "opt-outs" should be directed to

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