Axis Appraisers

How To Speed Up An Appraisal

Turn times vary by location and volume.  However we offer the following suggestions to speed up the time it takes to complete an appraisal and to reduce revisions from underwriting once completed:

1.    Make sure you have met our MDIA disclosure timeline. Please tell us the date within the comments section that the mdia has been met.

2.    Fill out the order form with all of the following information:

  • Correct property address, lender, and payment info.
  • Borrower's name, contact name, phone numbers for each and the borrower's email address.

3.    Upload the prelims

  • a common revision is that the APN on the prelims does not match the APN on the appraisal and often it is a formatting issue between the prelims and the parcel maps that appraisers commonly use.

4.   Upload other relevant documents

  • if a purchase contract - the appraiser needs it with all addendums in order to avoid confusion over final purchase price.
  • If a condo, send us the HOA cert - this is a common underwriting request - that the appraiser's data match the data on the cert.  By providing the document to the appraiser, time is saved both during the preparation of the report and by avoiding a possible revision request.

5.    Consider a rush fee if time is really critical.  In most locations, for an additional $100 appraisers can complete the assignment in half the current turn time.